You got questions? Well guess what, we got answers. Shoot.

Are these shoes for real?

Oh, they’re real… and they’re spectacular.

Why would I want to be taller?

It’s no secret. Taller man have advantages in certain areas. We won't throw stats at you, but studies have shown that an increase in a man's height is strongly associated with more luck with the ladies, career success, and higher earnings. Hey, don't blame us. We're just here to level the playing field.

Here are some reputable articles about height:

Huffington Post - Social Experiment: What happens if you add inches
OkCupid - "Lies people tell in online dating" (Why we say we're taller)
Malcolm Gladwell - "Why Do We Love Tall Men" (About why almost all CEOs are tall)

Ahm, do women really care about a guy's height?

Unfortunately yes. First impressions are important. Women report that height is among the top physical factors they look for in a potential partner. Once they get to know you you're golden. We'll help you get there.

Ok, but why on earth - Shoe By Jews?

That's quite a story - you can