You got questions? Well guess what, we got answers. Shoot.

Are these shoes for real?

Oh, they’re real… and they’re spectacular.

Why would I want to be taller?

It’s no secret. Taller man have advantages in certain areas. We won't throw stats at you, but studies have shown that an increase in a man's height is strongly associated with more luck with the ladies, career success, and higher earnings. Hey, don't blame us. We're just here to level the playing field.

Here are some reputable articles about height:

Huffington Post - Social Experiment: What happens if you add inches
OkCupid - "Lies people tell in online dating" (Why we say we're taller)
Malcolm Gladwell - "Why Do We Love Tall Men" (About why almost all CEOs are tall)

Ahm, do women really care about a guy's height?

Unfortunately yes. First impressions are important. Women report that height is among the top physical factors they look for in a potential partner. Once they get to know you you're golden. We'll help you get there.

Ok, but why on earth - Shoe By Jews?

That's quite a story - you can read all about it here.

Will I have to wear these all the time?

Heck no, but when you do want an extra boost, they’ll be there.

Ok, but can't I just wear insoles?

Insoles work great for 1/2 inch elevations. Beyond that, they just don't work that well. Your foot will begin sliding out the back, and there will be an uncomfortable amount of pressure on the top of the foot, as the shoe wasn’t crafted correctly to contain a lift.

How do they work? What is the “magic”?

There’s a top secret, perfectly designed hidden cushioning layer on the inside that provides 2 to 3 inches of height, and the elevation is 100% undetectable. (Hence, the magic.)

What if I'm with a girl and we have to take our shoes off? Won't she notice?

Chances are she'll be taking her high heels off, too. Besides, if you're arrived at that point, we're not too worried — you're doing just fine.

Do these shoes look any different? Will anyone be able to tell something is going on?

No. We spent years perfecting these styles to make sure that no one would ever be able to tell what’s going on inside or outside the shoe.

Are they heavy?

Nope. We worked with designers to engineer a new kind of heightening shoe that’s lightweight and comfortable.

Is it 2-3 inches elevation from the ground or from my current shoes?

From the ground. (We don't know what kind of shoes you wear right now.) Most casual shoes add around 0.7 inches, while work shoes or boots give you an extra 1 inch. So we give you a whopping 1.5 — 2 inches on top of that, packaged in a pair of kick ass shoes.

I’ve tried similar shoes before, and they were a bunch of baloney. Are these any different?

Oh yes. We carefully engineered the perfect balance of comfort, style AND lift. People can look straight at our shoe while it’s on or off, and never notice anything different about it.

I’ve never tried these before. What's it like walking in these?

Pretty much like walking in any other shoe, only you'll be taller. You'll get used to (and love) seeing the world differently in about 5 minutes.

How do I know my size?

Order your regular US shoe size, and we’ll make sure you get the perfect pair. (UK or European sizing? Use this conversion chart.)

I got my shoes and they’re too big, too small, or too something else. What can I do?

We got you — just drop us a line. Size exchange is easy and we'll pay for shipping (first one). Returns are on us well. We want to make you're happy with what you're getting. If you're not happy - we'll take it back. No questions asked.

I freaking love these and I bought them all! Do you have any more styles?

For now, its just these four bad boys. But we will have quite a few more that will be rolling out soon, and your support helps a lot with being able to do that.

Okay, let’s do this! Where do I buy?

We thought you’d never ask. Right this way.


More questions? Drop us a line, we’re happy to help.


The reality of the dating world is that people make snap judgments based on how you look. It sucks, but it’s true — first impressions matter.

The story of SBJ started two years ago in a crowded San Francisco bar, when our founder and his (also Jewish) friends realized they were shorter than all the other guys... and the girls in heels. They realized that the bar scene heavily relies on visual cues, and in the dating world, height was a major asset. According to research, the majority of women prefer to date guys who are of equal height or taller. In a dating culture where most women also increase their height with high heels, it can be harder for us shorter gents to make a great first impression. (Read More)

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